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It is an opening system, in which a door leaf is divided into two asymmetrical parts. When opening the door, its parts fold and move to one side. At the top of a doorway the "Book T2" mechanism is hidden, which provides a smooth opening of the door. From the X-Series, the system applies only to mode..
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Brand: STALLER Model: Bossica
Входные двери для дома Боссика - Bossica - STALLER entrance metal doors..
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Model: Compack
Compact and elegant opening system that can be made with one or two door leaves. When opening each door leaf folds in half and presses against the wall. This system is a perfect solution for decorating dressing rooms, utility rooms or openings, where the classic type of opening is inconvenient.ANIMA..
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Model: COUPE
A door sliding along the wall is a well-known principle of door opening. The structure of the system can be with one and two wings, where the latter is made both inside and outside of a doorway. In the two-wing system, door leaves are on one line within the doorway, and each leaf, when opened, hides..
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Model: 12118
Cylinder mechanism 30x30 Nickel - 12118 - Door locks..
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Model: 12141
Cylinder mechanism 30x35 Nickel - 12141 - Door locks..
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Model: 12147
Cylinder mechanism 30x40 Black - 12147 - Door locks..
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Model: 12144
Cylinder mechanism 30x40 Nickel - 12144 - Door locks..
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